"Scripophily", is the collecting of old bond and share/stock certificates.

Many countries are moving towards electronic share certificates. No longer will new decorative certificates be produced. Old certificates will continue to be acquired by collectors around the world. New material is becoming increasing difficult to source. We anticipate this will continue over the next few years.

We have been in the business as one of Britain's leading internet-based Scripophily dealers selling certificates for over 10 years, with satisfied customers across the globe in countries as far apart as USA, the Far East, Latin America and many countries across Europe.

We have provided a selection of our inventory for view and purchase. If you do not find anything here that you are looking for, please contact us for advice. Also we have chosen some carefully selected advertisers, that are appropriate to Scripophily. Please take time and follow through the links. We think this will help give you an appreciation for the subject.

We are always searching for new material for onward sale. Being specialists, we are able to quickly determine whether certificates offered for sale appeal to the collectors market or not. Honest and fair valuations are given for all material offered and reflect the subject of certificates, condition, country of origin, and volume of certificates being offered.

Many thanks for looking.   
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